Reasons why Aquagoggles is your best choice for quality Prescription Swim Goggles.


Quality Construction

Each pair of Aquagoggles prescription swim goggles comes with two high-quality, shatter resistant poly carbonate prescription lenses. Each lens is tinted blue, making them ideal for glare-free, cleaner and clearer vision.  Anti-Fogging Film has already been applied to each lens for a clearer swimming experience.  The one piece Seal/Strap combo is made of soft high quality silicone.      (No Latex).


UVA/UVB Protection

The sun gives off UV radiation that we can’t see or feel.  So don’t trust your eyes to just any old goggle.  Made of Polycarbonate, our prescription swim goggles help to protect your eyes by blocking up to 99% of harmful UVA and UVB radiation. Sight and protection in one.


Affordable and Practical

No other prescription swim goggle can match Aquagoggles quality and value. Our goggles are priced affordably at $29.95, and we offer you the choice to select a different lens for each eye.         No need to buy two pairs to switch lenses yourself. (*V2- only)