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Happy Holidays, Be Prepared! *(hint, order now!)

One of the busiest seasons of the year is upon us, and we will be processing and shipping orders right up to Christmas Day. However, to ensure that you have your Aquagoggles prescription goggles in time for a stocking stuffer or gift, be sure to order in advance.

Shipping takes a little longer than usual in our experience starting in December. If you are on the East coast of US or Canada, give yourself a week for delivery right now. So that would mean ordering before Dec 17th.
If you’re Central or West coast, I’d give a little more leeway. Say December 14th so it has 10 days for travel.

For our international customers, get your orders in asap! We can’t guarantee that orders after this week will have a chance of delivery before the 25th. For some reason at this time every year, orders to Australia seem to take 2-3x as long as normal. At least you’re enjoying summer though, and outdoor swims.

For those of us stuck in frigid climates, our Zero-Fog antifogging spray works great on glasses, ski goggles or even car windshields! Definitely helps here in the snow belt.