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How to Choose Prescription Swim Goggles

When you need prescription glasses to get around in your everday life, the idea of jumping in water either blind or blurry can be very intimidating!

The good news is that choosing a quality pair of prescription swim goggles that come close to matching your glasses is now quick and easy.


The goggles lenses are premade with spherical correction in differing strengths, also known as diopters.   The strength increments by 0.5 at a time, so they are not as precise as your regular custom ground eyeglass lenses.  However, for use in the pool, lake, or ocean they are perfectly fine.  They are also available NOW and at a fraction of the price of a custom pair made at your local optician.

Most people needing glasses are myopic (negative diopter) and are the most commonly available.   We carry them from -1.5 down to -7 in half increments, and then in full strengths down to -10. 

Aquagoggles also carries Positive + lenses for those of you with hyperopia.   Coming in full strengths only, from +2 to +6.  An easy way to check if these lenses will help you is to check out some off the shelf reading glasses at the pharmacy.  

v2 Minus Goggles Lens
v2 Minus Goggles Lens

Figuring Out Your Lens Strength

Commonly the most confusing and stress-inducing part of the process is figuring out what lenses will most closely match your current prescription.  We can usually help you out if have difficulty with following the steps below, or you can contact your eye doctor.

First, get your most current prescription numbers.  The important ones are for Sphere (Sph) and Cylinder (Cyl).

Sphere is the amount of correction needed to correct for the weakness in your diopter.  Cylinder is the degree of astigmatism.  Or, which does your eye more closely resemble?  A Football or a Soccer ball?

Enter your numbers in the Lens calculator below, and always round down to determine which lens strength would be best for you.  Ie, -4.875 would round down to -4.5

Enter the Sphere and Cylinder values from your prescription to determine which diopter strength would best suit you. Be sure to select + or - for each and enter all four values.
*This measurement is only a suggestion. It is best to confirm your diopter strength with your optometrist.
SphereCylinderDiopter Strength
O.D. (right eye)  
O.S. (left eye)  

Choosing the right model

V2- Swim Goggles on vacation

Once you’ve determined your lens strength needs, it’s time to choose the goggles that are right for you.  If your numbers came out negative -, then our V2- prescription swim goggles are the ones for you.

If they came out positive +, then our V2+ (Blue) goggles are best.

When trying on your goggles for the first time, take the time to adjust their fit first and foremost.  Change the nosepiece as needed to fit your face, then adjust the strap for a snug fit.

Both styles as well as more info about our prescription swim goggles can be found here.

We’ve come a long way with our prescription swim goggles since 2001.  We’ve made changes to the lenses, better attachment types for the seal and nose piece.   We want a better fit so more people can see in the water.

We are always looking at ways to make them better, so let us know if you have any suggestions.  Any questions that you may have, could possibly be found in our FAQ, or you can contact us via our form or at [email protected]

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