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Noseclip & Earplug Combo Pack/Swim Fins now up on Website for ordering

You asked, and I looked around and found some quality noseclips and earplugs.   It was one of the main problems with using Aquagoggles on vacation for snorkeling.  Water would get up your nose, not a pleasant experience.   So now I have everything you need to explore undewater on your next excursion, baring a hair elastic to attach the snorkel to the goggle strap.   The dollar store is great for those.  Keep a few and give the rest to your kids or significant other.

The swim fins are really just for fun.  Training purposes as well, but most of the time I think you’d just use them for goofing around in the pool or with a body board to aid in paddling out.  Also a great “What the heck is this?” stocking stuffer for Christmas.   Oh my… 3 months away and I mentioned it already.  Sorry about that.