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Open Water Swimming with Prescription Swim Goggles

Hi, I have enjoyed swimming for pleasure all my life. I started swimming more seriously two years ago as a means of staying fit after needing to rest a foot injury which was aggravated by playing tennis. One drawback of this change was that I have weak eyesight and wear multifocal glasses all the time.  My current script being  Rx R : +4.75 [1/975 x 100 ]  Rx L  +3.00  (I only have 10% vision in my left eye).

Swimming, therefore, had its challenges as I could not see my coach clearly nor watch the clock for splits during training when using regular goggles. I also wanted to complete in our local Ocean Racing Series, but my husband was rather concerned because I could not see the marker boys in the sea from a distance. At this point, we started researching for plus prescription goggles in South Africa. Sadly nothing was available locally.

During an Internet search, we came across the company Aquagoggles in Canada. Wow, this product has revolutionized my swimming experience.  I ordered v2 +4.0 prescription swim goggles.  They are fantastic. Great blue colour, do not fog, no problems with leaking and wonderful clarity.  What a privilege to be able to see 6 meters down when swimming in the sea. This is a first for me!

I competed in the Zsports Ocean Series which is a sea swimming event in Port Elizabeth South Africa (this in the home of IronMan Africa) starting during October until mid-March consisting of 10 events.  We swim a 1km course. I achieved 2nd place overall this year in the Ladies 50 – 59 age group. There are on average 77 female swimmers across the various age groups and I finished most races in the top 3rd of the event. I also completed in the 3 Beaches Challenge and our local River Mile swim.

I train with Aquabear Masters swimming squad twice a week swimming on average 2.6km per session.

My goggles have done some mileage over the past year. I can highly recommend these quality prescription goggles from personal experience.   They are affordable and the service received was outstanding.

I wished I had known about them years ago! What a blessing to be able to see whilst swimming.


IMG_2768IMG_2547* Liz paid for the goggles that she used and reviewed here.  We have since supplied her with a few pairs so she can continue her swimming with sight in case she loses them!
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