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Strange uses for Prescription Swim Goggles

A few years ago, I had a call from a gentleman that wanted to know if the Aquagoggle V2- lens would stand up to having a few holes drilled into it. To date, that has been the oddest question I have ever received about the goggles. However, this man had a very good reason for asking. He is a farmer, and unfortunately suffers from dry eye. Driving his combine during the harvest was unbearable. So his idea was to seal his eyes away from the worst of the dust/grit etc with our goggles. Just adding a few holes for a little ventilation.

Well, he did it and reported back that it worked beautifully. I only wish I had asked him for a picture of him on his combine wearing swim goggles!

I remembered this case when I was preparing for the first Tough Mudder in Toronto a few years back. I had no problem with most of the obstacles, provided I could see. But I wasn’t going to wear contacts for this crazy event, nor glasses. So like the farmer I drilled a few holes in a pair of V2- goggles, and voila! My eyes would be protected.

We’ve also heard of them being used for surfing in San Diego, sailing in the UK, and one ultra marathoner even took a pair to the Marathon des Sables. If you’ve got an interesting story about how you’ve used your Aquagoggles, share it with us!