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Happy Holidays, Be Prepared! *(hint, order now!)

One of the busiest seasons of the year is upon us, and we will be processing and shipping orders right up to Christmas Day. However, to ensure that you have your Aquagoggles prescription goggles in time for a stocking stuffer or gift, be sure to order in advance.

Shipping takes a little longer than usual in our experience starting in December. If you are on the East coast of US or Canada, give yourself a week for delivery right now. So that would mean ordering before Dec 17th.
If you’re Central or West coast, I’d give a little more leeway. Say December 14th so it has 10 days for travel.

For our international customers, get your orders in asap! We can’t guarantee that orders after this week will have a chance of delivery before the 25th. For some reason at this time every year, orders to Australia seem to take 2-3x as long as normal. At least you’re enjoying summer though, and outdoor swims.

For those of us stuck in frigid climates, our Zero-Fog antifogging spray works great on glasses, ski goggles or even car windshields! Definitely helps here in the snow belt.

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Thanksgiving & Black Friday Weekend Sale

A happy Thanksgiving to all of our American friends!

I hope everyone is enjoying the time spent with family and friends over the weekend. We here at Aquagoggles would like to offer our sincere appreciation for your continued confidence and loyalty in us as your #1 prescription swim goggle choice.

So once again, from Friday to Sunday (27-29th) we are offering 30% off everything sitewide with the Coupon code: 30BLACKFRIDAY

Remember to save room for dessert!

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Open Water Swimming with Prescription Swim Goggles


Hi, I have enjoyed swimming for pleasure all my life. I started swimming more seriously two years ago as a means of staying fit after needing to rest a foot injury which was aggravated by playing tennis. One drawback of this change was that I have weak eyesight and wear multifocal glasses all the time.  My current script being  Rx R : +4.75 [1/975 x 100 ]  Rx L  +3.00  (I only have 10% vision in my left eye).


Swimming therefore had its challenges as I could not see my coach clearly nor watch the clock for splits during training when using regular goggles. I also wanted to complete in our local Ocean Racing Series, but my husband was rather concerned because I could not see the marker boys in the sea from a distance. At this point we started researching for plus prescription goggles in South Africa. Sadly nothing was available locally.

During an Internet search, we came across the company Aquagoggles in Canada. Wow, this product has revolutionized my swimming experience.  I ordered v2 +4.0 prescription goggles.  They are fantastic. Great blue colour, do not fog, no problems with leaking and wonderful clarity.  What a privilege to be able to see 6 metres down when swimming in the sea. This is a first for me!


I competed in the Zsports Ocean Series which is a sea swimming event in Port Elizabeth South Africa (this in home of IronMan Africa) starting during October until mid March consisting of 10 events.  We swim a 1km course. I achieved 2nd place overall this year in the Ladies 50 – 59 age group. There are on average 77 female swimmers across the various age groups and I finished most races in the top 3rd of the event. I also completed in the 3 Beaches Challenge and our local River Mile swim.


I train with Aquabear Masters swimming squad twice a week swimming on average 2.6km per session.

My goggles have done some mileage over the past year. I can highly recommend these quality prescription goggles from personal experience.   They are affordable and the service received was outstanding.

I wished I had known about them years ago! What a blessing to be able to see whilst swimming.




IMG_2768IMG_2547* Liz paid for the goggles that she used and reviewed here.  We have since supplied her with a few pairs so she can continue her swimming with sight in case she loses them!
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Black Friday Sale

It’s back!   From November 28th-30th Aquagoggles will be offering 30% off all items  over the weekend using Coupon Code: 30BLACKFRIDAY at checkout .


Get them for a great price and ensure that they’ll be in hand on time for the Holidays.  The discount applies to everything in the shop this year.  V2- and +, Zero-fog and all accessories.



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Noseclip & Earplug Combo Pack/Swim Fins now up on Website for ordering

You asked, and I looked around and found some quality noseclips and earplugs.   It was one of the main problems with using Aquagoggles on vacation for snorkeling.  Water would get up your nose, not a pleasant experience.   So now I have everything you need to explore undewater on your next excursion, baring a hair elastic to attach the snorkel to the goggle strap.   The dollar store is great for those.  Keep a few and give the rest to your kids or significant other.

The swim fins are really just for fun.  Training purposes as well, but most of the time I think you’d just use them for goofing around in the pool or with a body board to aid in paddling out.  Also a great “What the heck is this?” stocking stuffer for Christmas.   Oh my… 3 months away and I mentioned it already.  Sorry about that.

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New Goodies Arrived!

Sometimes I’m very much still a small child.  I get excited by the little things.   New accessories arrived today!  Check them out on our Facebook page or via twitter!


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Finding Motivation

Getting out of bed in the morning can sometimes be the cruelest thing in my world.   Everything is telling me that I don’t really need to move, that if I just hit snooze I can have 15 more minutes of warm dark snuggling with my duvet.   I wish I could say I never give in to that temptation, yet I do.  For a little anyway.  Then I swing my lower body out into the chill air to the floor, and the day starts.

When I was running more often, some of my best motivation came from other runners.  Not people I was running with, but people I saw throughout my day.  And the biggest motivation came not from the elite men and women, but those people that were obviously struggling to get into it.    There they were early in the morning, or late at night, huffing and puffing step after step.  Yet no sign of quitting.    Those people humble me.

Swimming is a little different.  Here I am the one struggling, and I wonder how much it shows.  Everyone else seems to cut through the water so effortlessly.  Young, old, men or women.   So I get in and start hoping that on one of these many 25 yard laps I might catch a glimmer of what they know.   I’m exhausted after fifteen minutes, and my shoulders are somehow on fire even though I’m submerged in water.   But that cheerful 78 year old man in the lane beside me keeps smiling encouragement lap after lap, and he was here fifteen minutes before me.   Is it ego that keeps me pushing?   Maybe a little bit, but I know that this guy has been at this for life, and I’m happy to have him push me.

Back here at work, I hear all kinds of stories that keep me motivated.   Some of you are legally blind, or have a disability.  You don’t let that limit what you’ll do though.  Learning to swim at 65, or 8 , when you can’t see without your glasses.  That’s courage.    So anything that Aquagoggles can do to ease your comfort in the water gives me a nice warm feeling.  Something as simple as seeing the pool clock, let alone that endless black line at the bottom of the pool.

My motivation is most definitely my customers.  I love hearing your stories, so keep sharing them!


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Strange uses for Prescription Swim Goggles

A few years ago, I had a call from a gentleman that wanted to know if the Aquagoggle V2- lens would stand up to having a few holes drilled into it. To date, that has been the oddest question I have ever received about the goggles. However, this man had a very good reason for asking. He is a farmer, and unfortunately suffers from dry eye. Driving his combine during the harvest was unbearable. So his idea was to seal his eyes away from the worst of the dust/grit etc with our goggles. Just adding a few holes for a little ventilation.

Well, he did it and reported back that it worked beautifully. I only wish I had asked him for a picture of him on his combine wearing swim goggles!

I remembered this case when I was preparing for the first Tough Mudder in Toronto a few years back. I had no problem with most of the obstacles, provided I could see. But I wasn’t going to wear contacts for this crazy event, nor glasses. So like the farmer I drilled a few holes in a pair of V2- goggles, and voila! My eyes would be protected.

We’ve also heard of them being used for surfing in San Diego, sailing in the UK, and one ultra marathoner even took a pair to the Marathon des Sables. If you’ve got an interesting story about how you’ve used your Aquagoggles, share it with us!

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Movie Monday

I’ve added two new HowTo videos to the YouTube channel.  Hopefully answers some of the common problems some people have a little easier with a visual demonstration.  YouTube Channel

I’ll be adding more videos soon I hope, and if you have any suggestions just let me know at