How much do the prescription swim goggles cost?

Both our – and + models are priced at $39.95 US.

Are they worth it?

Well we’re obviously biased, and our answer is yes of course! But don’t take just our word, our customers give us great reviews.
Our goggles let you see in, and out, of the water without stressing about losing your glasses/contacts. We find the peace of mind worth it.

How do they work?

The lenses are pre-made in step-diopter increments from -1.5 to -7, then in full strengths to -10. They correct for Sphere only, but if you have Cyl correction (astigmatism) we can adjust a bit to accommodate you. See our ‘Need Help‘ page for details.

Where do people wear them?

1. Swimming pools: Swimming is a popular exercise, and prescription swim goggles are essential for those who need to see clearly underwater.

2. Open water swims: Open water swims, such as lake or ocean swims, often require prescription swim goggles for safety and performance.

3. Triathlons: Prescription swim goggles are a popular choice among triathletes, who need clear vision during the swim portion of the race.

4. Aquatic therapy: Prescription swim goggles are often used in aquatic therapy for those who need to see clearly during rehabilitation exercises.

5. Water parks: Water parks offer a variety of water attractions, and prescription swim goggles can help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for those who need to see clearly underwater.

How do I choose prescription swim goggles that are right for me?

If you have your most recent prescription handy, we can help you out with our lens calculator here. Once you’ve determined if you need – or + lenses, then you can over to our prescription swim goggle page and select what you need.prescription swim goggles

Which model should I choose?

The V2- are for myopic (nearsighted) individuals, while the V2+ are for hyperopic (farsighted) users.

Why do you only have 2 color options?

While choice is great, it can also be distracting. We are like the original iPod. Simple, yet stylish, and they just work. We may add more options in the future, but for now we think be able to see is the most important thing.

How long do they take to ship?

It depends on your location of course. We prepare and ship your goggles within 2 days of receiving your order. From here in Ontario, it takes about a week (5 business days) to anywhere in the continental US and Canada via regular mail, and 3-4 days via tracked package. If you need them quicker than that, you can contact us for more options.
For International orders, the UK & EU is generally within 2 weeks, while Australia & New Zealand can be 2-3 weeks. (Sorry!)

Can I get replacement parts?

Absolutely! We carry all the lens strengths for the V2- lenses, so if your prescription changes you can order a replacement(s) and swap them out. We have a YouTube video demonstrating how to do that.
If you need a seal/strap combo, or nosebridge. Those are included in a set under accessories. If you have any issues within the first month though, we’ll get a replacement to you for free.

Can I send you pics of me wearing them?

A resounding YES! In fact, if you do we’ll likely provide you with a nice discount/extra on your next order…
You can email us at [email protected] or via our Facebook page. Our Instagram is @aquagoggles