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Removing Anti-Fog Film

How do we remove the anti-fog film from our prescription swim goggle lenses? It’s a lot easier than you might think. We’ll outline the steps below, and include a short (apologies for the quality) video on how we do it.

Removing Anti-Fog film from V2- Prescription Swim Goggles

  1. Remove lenses from Seal/Strap

    Detach the nose bridge, and remove the lens completely from the seal/strap combo. While not necessary, it does make it a lot easier to handle the lens by itself.

  2. Add a little isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol to each lens

    You can also use a little dish detergent and water instead, but it requires a little more work.

  3. Scrape out the film

    Using your finger or a Q-tip, remove the film from the inside of the lens. If you think you are scratching the lens, you’re not! They are made from polycarbonate and are extremely tough. What you are ‘scratching’ is the soft anti-fog film.

  4. Remove Residue

    Using another Q-tip or micro-fiber cloth, remove all traces of the now goopy film.

  5. Rinse with clean water

    Run the lenses under the tap, or use a generous amount of distilled water on the inside of the lens. Then shake them out, and dry with your Q-tip or cloth.