For years I didn’t swim because I wasn’t able to see where I was swimming or whether I might bump into anyone in a pool. The goggles work great. They are comfortable and my vision is terrific. Because they are goggles, they are probably not an exact match to my prescription, but I can clearly see the time on the clock at the pool so pretty clear vision. In fact the goggles exceed my expectations.

Karen Hayes

I love aqua goggles, as a endurance triathlete with poor vision with out aquagoggles open water swims would be impossible. Aquagoggles allow me to not only train in open water but to compete in open water swim races and in triathlons. Thank you so much for making this possible.

Rebecca Hughes

These googles are great, I lost 75% of my leg strength 3 years ago and went from a bicycler to a swimmer. I swim 1600 meters /day and do deep water aerobics classes 3 times a week . I can easily see the time clocks when doing my laps and can follow the instructor of the class with ease. Can’t imagine a better product at such a low price.

Jerry Goldsmith

” This is my fourth pair I have order for my children. It has been nothing less than superb”

Pedro Maldonado

Finally! High quality swim goggles at an affordable price! I get to enjoy swimming laps and chatting with people in the next lane who are no longer just a blur. I’m on my 3rd pair of AquaGoggles (in 5+ years) and couldn’t be happier. Great service, quality goggles, and no more Stevie Wonder impressions at the pool.

Wade Nelson

I ordered my first pair of AquaGoogles over 10 YEARS AGO! I need glasses and cant see without them. I have a pool and I have used them hundreds of times. Last week the nose bridge gave out. Within 1 week AQUA GOGGLES sent me a NEW NOSE BRIDGE for FREE! The straps are STILL in great SHAPE! Excellent product! Top service. Buy these goggles!

David Thorson

Wore contacts for years in and out of water. Can not any more, so I have been swimming kind of blind. Got the goggles for Christmas have wore twice , great product, love them , very comfortable. Great service and price. Will order again.

John Donahue

I am an optometrist from South Africa, I purchased these goggles for my son. it was amazing that we could get it in such high minus powers. The price was very reasonable and still the same. He used it for 3 years and now I am ordering another pair. he uses them in pools, beach and dam swims, and its perfect. I recommend them to my patients as well.

Rukshana Motala

Best goggles I’ve ever had. Never leak or deteriorate. I think they would last forever if the lenses didn’t eventually start to get cloudy. I have no problem getting a new pair every 2-3 years.

Ken MaserArlington, MA

Having heard such bad reports about leaking prescription goggles, I am glad I listened to another member at the gym who I had swum into several times! The goggles don’t leak and are AMAZING, Service superb. Felt I had to thank you for enabling me to swim safely – going to the swimming pool is like being in a new pool as I’ve never been able to see it before!

Clare OlsenSouthampton, UK