I’ve needed glasses since I was 6 years old, and over the years I’d simply gotten used to not being able to see while swimming. But recently I’ve wanted to start swimming competitively in open water, and I needed to be able to see buoys in the distance. My first swim out with AquaGoggles was life changing. For the first time in my life, I could see clearly at the beach and enjoy swimming in crisp, pristine water. The joy I felt in that moment is indescribable. A new world has opened up for me!

Mariel CCalifornia

I ordered these for my husband since he was using very old prescription goggles. I ordered them on a Wednesday and by Saturday they were at my doorstep. My husband is very pleased since he can see better with these. The tint is very helpful for outdoor swimming and now he can swim on his back without the glare of the sun. Highly recommend them.

Azucena BarocioCalifornia

Such a great service – and a great product! I am blind without my glasses, and when I take my kids to the pool, I have to wear my eyeglasses in the water – not ideal at all, however prescription goggles are way too expensive to be an option for me — until now. I can finally see underwater, and I can actually swim with my boys. I couldn’t be happier with Aquagoggles.

Bret TaitchVashon, WA

I have two boys who are both on swim team year round who are very farsighted. I have had such trouble trying to find positive diopter goggles and I have looked everywhere! With these goggles my two boys can easily see the lanes, the walls, their friends, and their coaches – the goggles help them to feel comfortable at the pool and to be able to participate on the swim team. Thank you!

Kelly GilmoreBuirke, VA

My grandson who will be 9 in 8/9 14 has had very very low vision since birth so started wearing glasses about 2. We have a houseboat so he is always around water. We started him in swimming lessons at 2 but it was hard for him to see where he was headed. I just googled prescription swim goggles and voila aqua goggles popped up. It has given him so much freedom. He is now kayaking all over the lake. This will be my third purchase from the company as he is rough and tumble and gets them scratched during the swim season. The picture posted is a bit unconventional as he used them for his first “Mud Run” last weekend. Graham, you have an amazing company and service. I so appreciate your prompt replies to questions.


Sally BrattonFremont, CA

I received my very first Aquagoggles and I was amazed at the vsual clarity of the goggles. I was skeptical at first due to the cost as well as writing down the prescription level that I have. I am so impressed that I ordered my entire family’s prescription goggles just now. Thank you!

Arlyn MasonCasa Grande, AZ

Tengo -5 de miopía, lo cual es bastante, y gracias a loa Aquagoggles ahora puedo disfrutar de nadar mucho más. Excelente producto, el agua no se filtra. Recomendable 100%.

Guillermo SantistebanPeru

I just purchased my first pair of Aquagoggles and I LOVE them. I used to swim with my glasses on because I would get a headache. Now my eyes are protected and no headache! I wish I had discovered these sooner! And, when I had a question, Graham Cressman emailed me immediately and followed up – GREAT customer service.

Ann HunzekerMetamora, IL

I am buying my third pair of Aquagoggles. Great value and fit.

Paul HoffTokyo, Japan

I’ve been using prescription Aquagoggles for about 6 years now…They are an affordable and quality product! Love them!

Lynda ShiroRockford, IL