Having heard such bad reports about leaking prescription goggles, I am glad I listened to another member at the gym who I had swum into several times! The goggles don’t leak and are AMAZING, Service superb. Felt I had to thank you for enabling me to swim safely – going to the swimming pool is like being in a new pool as I’ve never been able to see it before!

Clare OlsenSouthampton, Hants, UK

My goggles arrived in a very timely manner. I took them out for a test the day they arrived and they were amazing. It was so nice to be able to see clearly while swimming. The only wish I would have for these goggles is a mirrored darker tint for outdoor swimming, as I found the tint is more suited to indoor environments. Other than that absolutely no complaints.

Hannah MackayPortland, OR

I just used my new Aqua goggles for the first time. Amazing, I like to swim on my lunch hour but am nervous to go by myself because I can never see the clock. That is not a problem any more! I have a astigmatism so I followed the instructions on how to order the correct lens, I am really impressed with the vision I have with the goggles. Well worth the money spent.

Bonnie CheesmanCalgary, AB

Lasting much longer then other manufacture I bought from.

Franklyn Jeziorski

Great quality and great value! My 9 year old son has been a member of a swim team for the past 18 months. He swims 1.5 hours per day, 5 days per week. Your prescription goggles have been nothing less than fantastic. First and foremost there is the obvious benefit to his vision as you know. Secondly, these goggles have put up with the abuse of a 9 year old boy for a year and a half, without any wear and tear problems whatsoever!!!

We just ordered his second pair today, since his prescription changed since the first order. Several other parents and the Coach have asked us about where we got our prescription goggles and subsequently these other parents have ordered for their kids as well, as well as the Coach passing the Aquagoggles name on.

Thanks Again

Joe ZinoChula Vista, Ca.

Dear Aqugoggles people,
Goggles arrived to Serbia, Europe, in less than two weeks!
Excellent product. This kind of goggles cannot be found in Serbian shops. Even if you find it in surrounding countries, they are very expensive, and quality is not better than glasses you send me.
Best thing is variable size nose pad, since I have narrow head and having problems to find ordinary good fitting eye glasses. Your swimming goggles fit nicely and comfortably.

Miodrag Zivkovic

I have used my v2 prescription goggles 3 times a week for over 3 years and until today they looked like new! I now ordered another pair after stepping on the originals this morning! I could have ordered replacement lenses but decided to throw caution to the wind and buy a whole new pair! I find them to be very comfortable and stylish. The anti-fog worked for about 1 year until the coating was smudged. I cleaned it off with alcohol and they still worked great and only fogged up when I really giv’er. I have recommended these goggles to dozens of friends…good idea having the name printed on the straps. When do I get a commission?

Todd McKinnon

Bought these for my kids. They fit perfectly and kids love them. I had emailed them about the fit for a 7 year old and got a very helpful and thorough response immediately( with lots of great suggestions too!).

Great product, on time shipping and excellent customer service, will be back for more.

Ranga Krishnamurthi

I am on a swim-team and I love these goggles!
First- try to find any other retailer that will let you choose a different RX for each eye and then do it so cheaply!
Secondly- these goggles fit very well- I wore them so much the strap broke- so I am ordering a spare strap today just in case!
These are wonderful goggles and I really love them. Thanks again Aquagoggles!

Susanna Astarte

I am today buying my second pair of prescription goggles. I love them. The best part is no one can use them except you. When someone asks to borrow them–I can safely say– Sorry but they’re prescription. People understand and are cool with that especially when they see the company name on the side of them. I definitely recommend them. The anti-fog lasted a whole yr. Not bad huh?

Guadalupe Macias