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2iiJax Zero-Fog Anti-Fog Spray (2oz/60ml)

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Anti-Fog CoatingZERO-FOG Anti-Fog Coating  (1oz/30ml)

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ZERO-FOG Anti-Fog Coating

The principle cause of fogging on goggles, glasses and other similar surfaces has to do with temperature changes and condensation. It’s also why ice cold beverages ‘sweat’ in the sun and why car windows ‘fog up’ in the rain. Condensation forms on surfaces in the form of tiny droplets of water or fog. Anti fog treatments help to minimize the surface tension which prevents water droplets from forming in the first place.

Unfortunately there is no practical long-term anti-fog coating since glasses or goggles are continually exposed to dust and a variety of atmospheric or aqueous contaminants that will build up a new layer of “charged particles” over time.

The only real remedy is regular use of a lens cleaning and treatment that removes the particles (nucleus) that fog forms on! Anti-Fog Coating.

ZERO-FOG is not the only effective anti-fog coating BUT one of the best available. It is formulated to be safe and non-irritating to your eyes! Some commercial preparations must be left to dry for over one hour after application or irritation to the eyes may occur!  Non-toxic, safe for children to use AND effective!

*Contains zero PFA’s

*Active ingredient N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone 0.1-1%

The Proof

The manufacturer of Zero-Fog actually wants you to test the effectiveness of this anti-fog coating while you check to see if you are applying it correctly!

Apply the zero-fog spray as recommended: Spray on the lens surface and clean with a Kleenex or other tissue. Spray again and spread liquid around with fingers. Now using the same tissue, wipe the lenses a final time. (Do not use a clean tissue as this will remove the anti-fog coating.  For visual help, Youtube demonstration.

TEST: Place glasses or goggles in a freezer for about one minute and remove – If lenses do not fog up you have applied the Anti-fog coating correctly! (lenses may appear “wet” since condensation will occur but not “fogged”). TRY THIS WITH UNTREATED LENSES & SEE WHAT HAPPENS!!


The 60ml (2oz) size bottle is available for wholesale pricing starting at quantities of 12 or more.  Bulk pricing goes down in quantities above 12/72/500/1000.

Custom labeling/pricing is also available for order, starting at 500.

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Important Notice

Please read the following important notice if you have purchased or wish to purchase ZEROFOG for use with our v2 swimming goggles.
Important Zerofog notice for v2 Swim Goggle Users